Broiled Shrimp for Man Food Mondays

Broiled Shrimp


Good morning folks.

Well we seemed to survive the last ice storm we had down here fairly well.  I saw that our friends over in the Carolina’s, traffic wise,  had a week somewhat like we had a few weeks back.  This type of ice stuff happens once in a blue moon down here,so we don’t have the equipment or practice that the northerners have.  It’s best to just stay home and wait it out, that’s what we did here in the Hinterlands.  We watched it fall from the sky and spent time together.   We also cooked and ate good food.  Living with a foodie is detrimental to the waist line if you know what I mean.

This week we did a few things inside and out on the grill as we thawed out.  Over the next weeks I will be sharing what we did with you.  So this mornings offering is very simple, we did a nice broiled shrimp entree.  I was at our local food dispenser and they had shrimp on sale. We wanted something light to eat,. M was under the weather with a lingering cold, and we just didn’t want to eat heavy.  I figured I would rather be at the beach, so I picked up about 1 ½ lbs of the medium sized shrimp, 31 to 40 per lb count.    I brought them home and rinsed and peeled and de-veined them. I have a few kabob skewers, so I filled them up while the broiler was heating to 500°.

Here is what you need:

1 ½ lbs of medium shrimp ( depending on how many folks you have you can get more or less)

2 tbsp canola oil (You can used olive oil, but I find that it gets smoky in the oven at that high of a                             cooking temp.)

one medium lemon

Old Bay seasoning (Yes, I do use the in-the-spice drawer seasoning, you can put together a spice mix if                                             you have all the ingredients, we were looking for quick.)

labob skewers (or you could just spread them on a cooking sheet and have at it)

Cooking sheet/pan

While you are getting the shrimp ready turn on the broiler, set it to 500° and place the rack about 4  to 5 inches from the burner.  This should be the top most rack placement spot.  If that one is too close drop down one level.  You want the rack to be as high as you can get but not too high that the shrimp will burn before you can finish the cook.

If you are using skewers, slide the shrimp on tight together and brush all sides with the canola oil (not between the shrimp since they are packed tightly together :) ).  Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice over the shrimp.  Coat all sided with  the Old Bay seasoning and immediately place in the oven.  These will cook in less than 5 minutes so you cannot walk away.  Set a timer and turn the shrimp at the 2 ½ minute mark.  Remove from the oven and serve immediately.

So as you can see this is a very quick meal, so you will want to have any side dishes ready before you cook the shrimp. These get cold quick!  If you are scattering them on a cooking sheet just flip them with a spatula and then remove to a warm serving platter for the table.  You can use any seafood seasoning here if you want – Creole seasoning works just as well, I just was not channeling Justin Wilson this week :).

I am dropping a hint for next week, it involves BACON……

Take care and check back.




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