Homemade Grain Free Dog Treats

Homemade Grain-Free Dog Treats

Today is our Connor’s first birthday. And, in honor of his birthday I made these grain-free dog treats, which he loves. Of course, we are all going to be home at different times today, so this actually happened last night, but that just means I get to post it on his birthday. Connor is our… 

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How to Make a Turkey Planter

Turkey Planter

I am really, really not a crafty girl. I am uncoordinated, and tend to make a mess of things. So, if I can make this turkey planter, you can too. Actually, I am totally proud of myself for coming up with the idea on my own because I am pretty short on creative ideas that… 

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DIY Cake Mix 2

DIY: Cake Mix

I have been trying to use processed foods less often.   A lot of recipes, some that are not even cake, call for cake mix, and if you look at the ingredients in a cake mix, you will find all sorts of crazy ingredients that you would never add to your own cake.  But, not… 

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FCTC 4644

Peppermint Candy Serving Trays

  These peppermint candy serving trays are just the thing to add that special something to your holiday table.  I posted the directions here on Foodie Friends Friday Daily Dish, so you will have to go there to get them, but wanted to share them here too because they are just so cute.  And, they… 

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