Entwine Wines

Entwine Wines

Have you tried Entwine Wines?  I recently tried their Pinot Grigio.  I am always on the lookout for wines to review, and I like to go into it with an open mind, so I don’t look them up ahead of time.  I just go to the store and see what I have not tried in my price range.  I also often buy what is on sale, which was the case here.  I believe the original price was $13.99 and that I got this bottle for $10.99.  Hey, I’m always happy with a bargain.  I didn’t even notice the Food Network sticker on it until I got to the other side of the store, and just passingly wondered if they were now endorsing wines.  It actually wasn’t until I looked it up online after drinking it that I realized that they had teamed with Wente Vineyards to create a line of wines explicitly for pairing with food.

The wine itself was very drinkable with notes of grapefruit and green apple.  It is a light crisp wine that was perfect on the hot day we drank it on, but would be good anytime especially with Asian food.

I am quite intrigued with the whole pairings idea though, and find their website Entwine Wines quite useful.  From time to time, I have people as me about wine and what certain wines go with, and this definitely takes the guesswork out of the equation.  The website would be great for those a bit intimidated by picking a wine and pairing it with food, but it also has enough ideas and recipes to warrant a visit from seasoned wine drinkers.



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