Brussels Sprouts and Apple Cole Slaw

Brussels Sprouts and Apple Cole Slaw I am finally getting in a little bit of a mood for fall. It is my favorite time of year after all, but my crazy summer schedule made me feel kind of like I missed summer, so I have been trying to hold on to it. I love Brussels Sprouts in fall and winter, but we are still pretty hot around here, so I turned these into a Brussels Sprouts Apple Cole Slaw. Lots of delicious fall flavor without the heat of cooking. [Read More…]

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Blackberry Merlot Slushies

Blackberry Merlot Slushies

This just has to be one of the best drinks ever. And, it is super easy to make. It is not quick because it has to freeze, but the actual putting it together is quick. I started out trying to make these as pops, but with all the wine, they didn't freeze hard enough. You could pull the sticks right ... read more

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