Strawberry Truffles

Strawberry Truffles

Yield 36



  1. Place cookies and strawberries in the bowl of a food processor. Process until they have turned to fine crumbs.
  2. Add cream cheese to bowl and process until well combined.
  3. At this point, you can also process in a few drops of red coloring if you want them to be more red. I did this because they are Christmas candy for me, but I would probably skip it if it were not Christmas.
  4. Form into approximately 36 small balls and place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.
  5. Refrigerate for a few minutes to firm up. I just refrigerated mine while I melted the candy melts.
  6. Melt the white chocolate candy melts according to package directions.
  7. Gently dip each ball into the candy melts, return to the cookie sheet, and sprinkle with sprinkles. You will want to sprinkle each one as you go because the sprinkles won't stick if the candy has started to harden.
  8. Allow candy coating to harden before serving.
  9. Store refrigerated.

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